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Batman: Damned 1 is a rich, lush telling of a story with Batman and John Constantine on the streets of Gotham, dealing with a supernatural invader that goes to the heart of Bruce Wayne, and the potential death of The Joker. It references Killing JokeDark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum right from the start and seems to want to be part of that Batman perennial canon from the get go. You can read a preview here and a review here.

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Why focus on Batman suffering a breakdown when we can talk about his penis? We all know he has one. In fact, a lot of people have them.

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At least 12 bat species have prickly genitals. The question is, why would male bats evolve penises that could cause the females pain and damage? The image above looks like a medieval mace: a tubular structure with nasty-looking spikes.

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The Dark Knight's fame may be too great for DC's editors to ever dream of erasing True to the name and ambitions of the book, storytellers Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo decided to portray Batman's body as it actually would appear, down to the one part of Bruce Wayne's anatomy fans never expected to see in a DC book. This isn't the first time that DC editorial has stepped in to draw the line for what's an acceptable level of 'nudity' or 'mature' content, with Sean Murphy confirming that his uncensored nude scene between Joker and Harley Quinn was censored for publication, while a future, prestige release of the uncensored version was left on the table.

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Batman fans are getting a good hard look at Bruce Wayne like never before -- 'cause the Dark Knight's manhood is on display in a new comic that's definitely not for kids. DC just added a new installment to their Black Label series with "Batman: Damned" -- which is pretty much graphic novels for adults In the new Batsy publication that just recently dropped, you see a full-on naked Bruce Wayne Allow us to explain.

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The term penis applies to many intromittent organsbut not to all; for example the intromittent organ of most cephalopoda is the hectocotylusa specialised arm, and male spiders use their pedipalps. Even within the Vertebrata there are morphological variants with specific terminology, such as hemipenes. In most species of animals in which there is an organ that might reasonably be described as a penis, it has no major function other than intromission, or at least conveying the sperm to the female, but in the placental mammals the penis bears the distal part of the urethrawhich discharges both urine during urination and semen during copulation.

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The baculum also penis bonepenile boneor os penisor os priapi [1] is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. It is absent in the human penisbut present in the penises of other primatessuch as the gorilla and chimpanzee. The homologue to the baculum in female mammals is known as the baubellum or os clitoridis — a bone in the clitoris.


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