Strip line antennas

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Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics. The results of development and experimental investigation of several centimeter-wave planar antennas are presented. The antennas contain a multichannel stripline power divider and a 2D periodic array of slot radiators excited by symmetric strip lines.

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Using PIN diodes integrated within the antenna configuration, the antenna would be able to operate in two modes. The operational frequency bands of antenna are WLAN 2. In this design approach of antenna, omnidirectional radiation pattern and S 11 dB bandwidths are obtained for all frequency bands.

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Jack Browne Aug 22, Circuit designers choose transmission-line technologies based on a number of factors, including expected high-frequency performance and ease of implementation. Although transmission-line choices include some more exotic varieties, such as coplanar-waveguide CPW technology, the decision often boils down to either microstrip or stripline.

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Multiband functionality in antennas has become a fundamental requirement to equip wireless devices with multiple communication standards so that they can utilize the electromagnetic spectrum more efficiently and effectively. This is necessary to ensure global portability and enhance system capacity. To meet these requirements, microstrip technology is increasingly being used in communication systems because it offers considerable size reduction, cost-effectiveness as they can be easily manufactured in mass production, are durable and can conform to planar or cylindrical surfaces. Unfortunately, such antennas suffer from intrinsically narrow bandwidth.

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E-mail address: enwytam polyu. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more.

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Stripline is the earliest form of planar transmission line. A stripline circuit uses a flat strip of metal which is sandwiched between two parallel ground planes. The insulating material of the substrate forms a dielectric.

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Electrical signals are fed to the antenna between the patch of conductive material and the upper ground plane. A number of patches of conductive material may each be surrounded by the upper ground plane to form an antenna array and with the patches interconnected by coplanar stripline fed at a point equidistant from each patch. The present invention is directed to a coplanar stripline atenna that is formed from printed circuit board construction techniques.

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Affan A. Baba, Raheel M. A stripline-based planar wideband feed for high-gain antennas with partially reflecting superstructure. T1 - A stripline-based planar wideband feed for high-gain antennas with partially reflecting superstructure.

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Filed Nov. Codesee. This invention relates generally to antennas and 'more particularly to a new type of electromagnetic radiator.

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This invention is related to U. Kaloi and commonly assigned. The present invention is related to antennas and more particularly to microstrip type antennas, especially to microstrip antennas that can be excited to radiate from both sides of the antenna. The twin electric microstrip dipole antennas are a family of new microstrip antennas.


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